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Mersmerizing lights brighten our lives.

Yet, when it comes to the lighting within our homes or workspaces, our choices for decoration are rather limited – the options we have can’t help us stand out in a crowd.

Maybe, it’s the lack of option; and maybe, it’s the lack of expert guidance to help you with your illumination needs. Either ways, you stand to lose.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is someone who can listen to, and understand, your needs. Someone, like Lights Up.

Lights Up is an exclusive showroom designed to meet all your lighting needs. Started in January 2014, we are a part of the established Tejkiran Lights and Hardware group, Lights Up was conceptualised to provide you focused lighting solutions.

To ensure you get nothing but the best, we partnered with the brands Diyas – of UK, and Mantras – of Spain. Diyas and Mantras are internationally acclaimed lighting solutions providers, creating exclusive designs and patterns that reek of contemporary elegance and regal grace.

What We Do

Lights Up offers you complete lighting solutions. From providing you with options from our exhaustive range of designs, to helping you select the perfect combination to suit your needs, to even installation and maintenance of the solutions provided. So, whether you are looking for a lampshade, or a chandelier, we have the most exclusive variety available. Our catalogues are always updated with the latest designs, and a dedicated research team works towards keeping our offerings updated with the developments across the world.

Why Lights Up

Lights Up is dedicated to providing the best and most exclusive lighting solutions to you. We consider it our mission, to “spread light”. We are honest, transparent, and most importantly, we care for your needs. Walk into our showroom, or interact with us online – you will notice the difference!